Command status: Active
Supported by OpenApps API: Yes
Supported by Internal/Reseller API: Yes
Possibly queued processing: n/a

This function is available to submit Urls for crawling.

Calls to this function will result in usage of the following subscription resources:

Resource Description


50 per queried item

This function accepts the following parameters:

Parameter Description


Required: must be set to: SubmitURLsToCrawl


Optional - defaults to historic
Either: "fresh" - to query against fresh index, or "historic" - to query against historic index.

item0, item1, item2, item3 ... item999

All items can belong to URL, subdomain or root domain levels.
Up to 1000 items can be added

Example of query:

Below you can see example of successful XML returned for this function:

The XML result shows the number of urls added, URLsAdded="2" in this example above.

This produces the following JSON:

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