Command status: Active
Supported by OpenApps API: Yes
Supported by Internal/Reseller API: Yes
Possibly queued processing: No


This command is designed to return key backlink counts for a large number of root domains that were crawled such as those that were returned as part of any of the backlink commands such as GetTopBackLinks. As such, domains which have not been crawled may not return data. The same may apply to domains which are not reported to have backlinks.

Resources consumed

Resource Description


AnalysisResUnits will be reduced by GetRefDomainInfoAnalysisResUnitsCost reported by GetSubscriptionInfo. Note: this command is fixed cost per call and it supports batching of large number of query items - use it to obtain data efficiently.


RetrievalResUnits will be reduced by actual number of returned rows of data.


Parameter Description


Required: must be set to: GetRefDomainInfo


Optional - defaults to historic
Either: "fresh" - to query against Fresh Index, or "historic" - to query against Historic Index.


Required: Maximum of items (root domains) to check.

Must be a positive integer from 0 to maximum of 999 indicating how many items this query supplies in itemN parameters item0, item1 ... itemN One or more items starting from item0 that information

item0, item1 ... itemN

One or more items (root domains) starting from item0 up to maximum supplier number of items. If hostname (subdomain) is provided then root domain will be extracted from it.

Sample queries and response

Requesting XML

XML response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Result Code="OK" ErrorMessage="" FullError="">
<GlobalVars ChargedAnalysisResUnits="1000" ChargedRetrievalResUnits="1" Cmd="GetRefDomainInfo" IndexBuildDate="2017-10-16 18:40:48" IndexType="1" RemainingAnalysisResUnits="97097051" RemainingRetrievalResUnits="19462893" ServerBuild="2017-10-13 13:57:22" ServerName="KNUTSCHR" ServerVersion="1.0.6495.23321" UniqueIndexID="20171016184048-FRESH" />
<DataTables Count="1">
<DataTable Name="DomainsInfo" RowsCount="1" Headers="RowID|OriginalItem|Status|RootDomain|AlexaRank|RefDomains|ExtBackLinks|IndexedURLs|CrawledURLs|FirstCrawled|LastSuccessfulCrawl|IP|SubNet|CountryCode|TLD|Latitude|Longitude|City|CitationFlow|TrustFlow|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_0|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_1|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_1|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_2|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_2" MaxRefDomainTopics="10" RefDomainTopicsCount="3">
<Row>0||Found||1|18909418|40652517497|4457142350|621115107|2017-07-14|2017-10-15|||US|com|37.4192|-122.0574|Mountain View (CA)|100|100|Computers/Internet/Searching|84|Computers/Software|82|Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development|81</Row>

JSON response

  "Code": "OK",
  "ErrorMessage": "",
  "FullError": "",
  "ChargedAnalysisResUnits": 1000,
  "ChargedRetrievalResUnits": 1,
  "Cmd": "GetRefDomainInfo",
  "IndexBuildDate": "2017-10-16 18:40:48",
  "IndexType": 1,
  "RemainingAnalysisResUnits": 97096051,
  "RemainingRetrievalResUnits": 19462892,
  "ServerBuild": "2017-10-13 13:57:22",
  "ServerName": "KNUTSCHR",
  "ServerVersion": "1.0.6495.23321",
  "UniqueIndexID": "20171016184048-FRESH",
  "DataTables": {
    "DomainsInfo": {
      "Headers": {
        "MaxRefDomainTopics": 10,
        "RefDomainTopicsCount": 3
      "Data": [
          "RowID": 0,
          "OriginalItem": "",
          "Status": "Found",
          "RootDomain": "",
          "AlexaRank": 1,
          "RefDomains": 18909418,
          "ExtBackLinks": 40652517497,
          "IndexedURLs": 4457142350,
          "CrawledURLs": 621115107,
          "FirstCrawled": "2017-07-14",
          "LastSuccessfulCrawl": "2017-10-15",
          "IP": "",
          "SubNet": "",
          "CountryCode": "US",
          "TLD": "com",
          "Latitude": "37.4192",
          "Longitude": "-122.0574",
          "City": "Mountain View (CA)",
          "CitationFlow": 100,
          "TrustFlow": 100,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0": "Computers/Internet/Searching",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_0": 84,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_1": "Computers/Software",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_1": 82,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_2": "Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_2": 81

Returned values

Return value Description
Global variables
Code Code indicating if deleting a download succeeded.
ErrorMessage A message explaining the error. This will be blank if the code is "OK".
FullError A verbose explanation of the error.
IndexBuildDate Date/time on which the index was updated.
IndexType Indicates whether the index was Historic or Fresh.
ServerBuild Date/time on which the server was built.
ServerName Name of the server where the file was stored.
ServerVersion The version of the server when the file was deleted.
UniqueIndexID Unique identifier for the index storing the deleted item.
DomainsInfo Header
MaxRefDomainTopics Maximum number of topics to return for each referring domain.
RefDomainTopicsCount Number of topics returned for each referring domain.
DomainsInfo Data
RowID ID for this item
OriginalItem Originally requested item from which root domain was extracted
Status Found if domain was located, NotFound otherwise (note: this status does not mean we have no such domain in index, use GetIndexItemInfo for conclusive data as this command only returned data on crawled domains).
RootDomain Root domains extracted from user submitted data
AlexaRank Alexa Rank of the root domain (only valid for top 1 mln domains), see more for details:
RefDomains Number of referring domains pointing to that root domain
ExtBackLinks Number of external backlinks pointing to the root domain
IndexedURLs Number of unique URLs in index (includes crawled and uncrawled)
CrawledURLs Number of unique URLs that were crawled
FirstCrawled Date when domain was first crawled
LastSuccessfulCrawl Date when domain was last successfully crawled
IP IPv4 Address of the domain (note: for hosts with multiple IPs only one IP will be taken)
SubNet calculated from IP
CountryCode Geolocated country of hosting based on IP address
TLD top level domain of the root domain
Latitude Latitude of the server's location
Longitude Longitude of the server's location
City City locating the server hosting the item
Citation Flow Citation Flow of domain
Trust Flow Trust Flow of domain
TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0 Trust Flow Category of the domain. Only returned in the Fresh Index. This will be numbered to mark separate categories: TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0, TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_1 ...
TopicalTrustFlow_Value_0 Value of the Topical Trust Flow for this category of the domain. Only returned in the Fresh Index. This will be numbered to mark separate categories-TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Value_0, TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Value_1 ...