Deprecated - Scheduled for removal - Replaced by GetBackLinkData


Command status: DEPRECATED
Supported by OpenApps API: Yes
Supported by Internal/Reseller API: Yes
Possibly queued processing: Yes


This command is designed to return top backlinks (up to a limit of the subscription level that is equivalent to StandardReportBacklinksShown value shown by GetSubscriptionInfo or on the Subscriptions page) for any URL, domain or subdomain regardless how large they are with a fixed cost per call to this command. This command is best way to query large domains/URLs. Note: This command does NOT return links flagged as Deleted, Alt Text or Mentions (FlagDeleted|FlagAltText|FlagMention).

Resources consumed

Resource Description


AnalysisResUnits will be reduced by GetTopBackLinksAnalysisResUnitsCost reported by GetIndexItemInfo.


RetrievalResUnits will be reduced by actual number of returned rows of data with backlinks back, up to a maximum specified by providing MaxSourceURLs parameter to this command or it's default value.


Parameter Description


Required: must be set to: GetTopBackLinks


Optional - defaults to historic
Either: "fresh" - to query against Fresh Index, or "historic" - to query against Historic Index.


Required: URL that is queried (will be converted to root domain or subdomain if optional parameters require it)


Maximum number of Source URLs (backlinks) to be returned. This number can not exceed StandardReportBacklinksShown (see GetSubscriptionInfo command).

Default: 100
Maximum: 50000

Note: actual number of backlinks can be lower than requested if there are less backlinks in index.


Optional: if enabled (set to 1) then additional data table with information on referring domains present in backlinks will be returned.

Default: 0 (Disabled)


Optional: if enabled (set to 1) then top backlinks will be returned for specified URL

Default: 1 (enabled)


Optional: if enabled (set to 1) then top backlinks will be returned to subdomain extracted from supplied URL..

Default: 0 (disabled)


Optional: if enabled (set to 1) then top backlinks will be returned to root domain extracted from supplied URL..

Default: 0 (disabled)


If set to greater than 0, then this value will limit number of backlinks (source urls) taken from any given referring domain.

If set to 1, then it will effectively produce list of referring domains with just 1 best backlink from each of them.

Default: -1 (not set)

Note: usage of this parameter does not guarantee a return of the requested number of MaxSourceURLs when this filtering parameter is in use because filtering will be applied after maximum top backlinks enabled for subscription were selected. This number is provided by global variable StandardReportBacklinksShown reported by GetSubscriptionInfo command.

If in doubt about this parameter please feel free to contact us at


Optional: if set to 1 then analysis request will be forced to queue request thus simulating request made to analyse a large index item. Useful when debugging software to test its handling of queued processing.


Same as in AnalyseIndexItem command



Sample queries and response

XML response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Result Code="OK" ErrorMessage="" FullError="">
<GlobalVars AnalysisMode="AnalyseAllBackLinks" ChargedAnalysisResUnits="5000" ChargedRetrievalResUnits="1" IndexBuildDate="2017-09-04 13:42:54" IndexType="0" RemainingAnalysisResUnits="97072651" RemainingDetailedReportsPerPeriod="1010" RemainingRetrievalResUnits="19462825" RemainingStandardReports="1010" ServerBuild="2017-10-13 13:57:22" ServerName="SHADOJAGUAR" ServerVersion="1.0.6495.23321" UniqueIndexID="20170904134254-HISTORICAL" />
<DataTables Count="2">
<DataTable Name="URL" RowsCount="1" Headers="SourceURL|ACRank|AnchorText|Date|SourceTitle|SourceOutDomainsExternal|SourceOutLinksExternal|SourceOutLinksInternal|SourceLanguage|SourceLanguageDesc|SourceLanguageConfidence|FlagRedirect|FlagFrame|FlagNoFollow|FlagImages|FlagDeleted|FlagAltText|FlagMention|TargetURL|IndirectTargetURL|IndirectTargetType|TargetTitle|TargetLanguage|TargetLanguageDesc|TargetLanguageConfidence|LinksAvailableForRootDomain|DomainID|FirstIndexedDate|LastSeenDate|DateLost|ReasonLost|LinkType|LinkSubType|TargetCitationFlow|TargetTrustFlow|TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0|TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Value_0|SourceCitationFlow|SourceTrustFlow|SourceTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0|SourceTopicalTrustFlow_Value_0" AvailableLines="50000" BackLinkItem="" BackLinkType="URL" MaxRefDomainTopics="10" MaxSourceTopics="1" MaxTargetTopics="10" RefDomainTopicsCount="10" SourceTopicsCount="1" TargetTopicsCount="1" TotalBackLinks="2812912800" TotalLines="50000" TotalMatches="1">
<Row>|10| |2017-07-27| | | | | | |0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|| | | | | |0|-1|0|2017-07-27|2017-07-27| | |TextLink|TextLink_Normal|93|90|Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development|72|64|74|Computers/Companies|70</Row>
<DataTable Name="DomainsInfo" RowsCount="1" Headers="DomainID|Domain|AlexaRank|RefDomains|ExtBackLinks|IndexedURLs|CrawledURLs|FirstCrawled|LastSuccessfulCrawl|IP|SubNet|CountryCode|TLD|CitationFlow|TrustFlow|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_0|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_1|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_1|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_2|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_2|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_3|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_3|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_4|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_4|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_5|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_5|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_6|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_6|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_7|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_7|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_8|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_8|TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_9|TopicalTrustFlow_Value_9">
<Row>0||13657|104972|10502133|333484|226708|2011-12-26|2017-07-27|||US|org|50|64|Computers/Companies|57|Science/Earth Sciences|53|Society/Issues|46|Computers/Internet/Searching|38|Health/Conditions and Diseases|38|Computers/Software/Internet|36|Sports/Cycling|36|Society/Philanthropy|36|News/Breaking News|34|Regional/Asia|34</Row>

JSON response

  "Code": "OK",
  "ErrorMessage": "",
  "FullError": "",
  "AnalysisMode": "AnalyseAllBackLinks",
  "ChargedAnalysisResUnits": 5000,
  "ChargedRetrievalResUnits": 1,
  "IndexBuildDate": "2017-09-04 13:42:54",
  "IndexType": 0,
  "RemainingAnalysisResUnits": 97072651,
  "RemainingDetailedReportsPerPeriod": 1010,
  "RemainingRetrievalResUnits": 19462825,
  "RemainingStandardReports": 1010,
  "ServerBuild": "2017-10-13 13:57:22",
  "ServerName": "HUMMERR",
  "ServerVersion": "1.0.6495.23321",
  "UniqueIndexID": "20170904134254-HISTORICAL",
  "DataTables": {
    "URL": {
      "Headers": {
        "AvailableLines": 50000,
        "BackLinkItem": "",
        "BackLinkType": "URL",
        "MaxRefDomainTopics": 10,
        "MaxSourceTopics": 1,
        "MaxTargetTopics": 10,
        "RefDomainTopicsCount": 10,
        "SourceTopicsCount": 1,
        "TargetTopicsCount": 1,
        "TotalBackLinks": 2812912800,
        "TotalLines": 50000,
        "TotalMatches": 1
      "Data": [
          "SourceURL": "",
          "ACRank": 10,
          "AnchorText": "",
          "Date": "2017-07-27",
          "SourceTitle": "",
          "SourceOutDomainsExternal": "",
          "SourceOutLinksExternal": "",
          "SourceOutLinksInternal": "",
          "SourceLanguage": "",
          "SourceLanguageDesc": "",
          "SourceLanguageConfidence": 0,
          "FlagRedirect": 0,
          "FlagFrame": 0,
          "FlagNoFollow": 0,
          "FlagImages": 0,
          "FlagDeleted": 0,
          "FlagAltText": 0,
          "FlagMention": 0,
          "TargetURL": "",
          "IndirectTargetURL": "",
          "IndirectTargetType": "",
          "TargetTitle": "",
          "TargetLanguage": "",
          "TargetLanguageDesc": "",
          "TargetLanguageConfidence": 0,
          "LinksAvailableForRootDomain": -1,
          "DomainID": 0,
          "FirstIndexedDate": "2017-07-27",
          "LastSeenDate": "2017-07-27",
          "DateLost": "",
          "ReasonLost": "",
          "LinkType": "TextLink",
          "LinkSubType": "TextLink_Normal",
          "TargetCitationFlow": 93,
          "TargetTrustFlow": 90,
          "TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0": "Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development",
          "TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Value_0": 72,
          "SourceCitationFlow": 64,
          "SourceTrustFlow": 74,
          "SourceTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0": "Computers/Companies",
          "SourceTopicalTrustFlow_Value_0": 70
    "DomainsInfo": {
      "Headers": {},
      "Data": [
          "DomainID": 0,
          "Domain": "",
          "AlexaRank": 13657,
          "RefDomains": 104972,
          "ExtBackLinks": 10502133,
          "IndexedURLs": 333484,
          "CrawledURLs": 226708,
          "FirstCrawled": "2011-12-26",
          "LastSuccessfulCrawl": "2017-07-27",
          "IP": "",
          "SubNet": "",
          "CountryCode": "US",
          "TLD": "org",
          "CitationFlow": 50,
          "TrustFlow": 64,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_0": "Computers/Companies",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_0": 57,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_1": "Science/Earth Sciences",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_1": 53,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_2": "Society/Issues",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_2": 46,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_3": "Computers/Internet/Searching",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_3": 38,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_4": "Health/Conditions and Diseases",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_4": 38,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_5": "Computers/Software/Internet",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_5": 36,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_6": "Sports/Cycling",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_6": 36,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_7": "Society/Philanthropy",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_7": 36,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_8": "News/Breaking News",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_8": 34,
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Topic_9": "Regional/Asia",
          "TopicalTrustFlow_Value_9": 34

Returned values

The optional Datatable DomainsInfo will only be returned if parameter ShowDomainInfo was set to 1, in this case each of the source URLs will contain non-negative DomainID reference which refers to appropriate domain in that table.

Return value Description
Code Code indicating if this command executed successfully.
ErrorMessage A message explaining the error. This will be blank if the code is "OK".
FullError Verbose explanation of error.
AnalysisMode Name of command executed.
ChargedAnalysisResUnits Amount of analysis res units charged for this call.
ChargedRetrievalResUnits Amount of retrieval units charged for this call.
IndexBuildDate Date/time the index that was queried was last updated.
IndexType Indicates if the index was Historic (0) or Fresh (1).
RemainingAnalysisResUnits Amount of remaining analysis res units.
RemainingRetrievalResUnits Amount of remaining retrieval units.
RemainingStandardReports Number of standard reports that can be requested remaining.
ServerBuild Date/time the server was built.
ServerName Name of the server queried.
ServerVersion Version of the server queried.
UniqueIndexID Unique identifier for the index consisting of the date and index type.
AvailableLines Maximum lines returned by this command as dictated by subscription allowances.
BackLinkItem Item to find backlinks for.
BackLinkType Type of backlink to search for.
MaxRefDomainTopics Maximum number of referring domain topics to list.
MaxSourceTopics Maximum number of source topics to list.
MaxTargetTopics Maximum number of target topics to list.
RefDomainTopicsCount Number of topics returned for each referring domain.
SourceTopicsCount Number of source topics to list.
TargetTopicsCount Number of target topics to list.
TotalMatches Number of matches to Item found.
SourceURL URL on which the link was found.
ACRank AC rank of source URL.
AnchorText Anchor text of link.
Date Date this URL was last crawled on.
SourceTitle Title of the source page.
SourceOutDomainsExternal The number of outgoing links to unique domains for this source page.
SourceOutLinksExternal The number of outgoing links on the source page.
SourceOutLinksInternal The number of internal links on the source page.
SourceLanguage The language code for the source page (i.e. en).
SourceLanguageDesc The English name of the language code for the source page (i.e. English).
SourceLanguageConfidence A percentage indicating the confidence of the language for the source page.
FlagRedirect Boolean indicating if the link was a redirect.
FlagFrame Boolean indicating if the link was contained within a Frame or IFrame.
FlagNoFollow Boolean indicating if the link contained rel="nofollow".
FlagImages Boolean indicating if the link contained an image.
FlagDeleted Boolean indicating if the link has been deleted.
FlagAltText Boolean indicating if the link was contained in alt text.
FlagMention Boolean indicating if the link was a mention link.
TargetURL URL on which the link pointed to.
DomainID Links to DomainInfo Table.
FirstIndexedDate Date on which this item was first added to the index.
LastSeenDate Last date on which this item was crawled successfully.
DateLost Date indicating when this item was lost from the index, if any.
ReasonLost String containing error given when item was lost.
LinkType Type of link.
LinkSubType Other type of link.
TargetCitationFlow Citation Flow of Target URL.
TargetTrustFlow Trust Flow of Target URL.
TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_x Topical Trust Flow topic for Target URL.
TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Value_x Topical Trust Flow value for Target URL.
SourceCitationFlow Citation Flow of Source URL.
SourceTrustFlow Trust Flow of Source URL.
SourceTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_x Topical Trust Flow topic for Source URL.
SourceTopicalTrustFlow_Value_x Topical Trust Flow value for Source URL.
DomainID As listed in table above
Domain Root domain of the backlink.
AlexaRank Alexa Rank of the root domain (only valid for top 1 mln domains), see more for details:
RefDomains Number of referring domains pointing to that root domain.
ExtBackLinks Number of external backlinks pointing to the root domain.
IndexedURLs Number of unique URLs in index (includes crawled and uncrawled).
CrawledURLs number of unique URLs that were crawled.
FirstCrawled Date when domain was first crawled.
LastSuccessfulCrawl Date when domain was last successfully crawled.
IP IPv4 Address of the domain Note: for hosts with multiple IPs only one IP will be taken
SubNet Calculated from IP.
CountryCode Geo-located country of hosting based on IP address.
TLD Top level domain of the root domain.
CitationFlow Citation Flow of domain (currently available in Fresh Index only).
TrustFlow Trust Flow of domain (currently available in Fresh Index only).
TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Topic_x Topical Trust Flow topic for Target URL.
TargetTopicalTrustFlow_Value_x Topical Trust Flow value for Target URL.

Related commands

This command is deprecated. Please see the documentation regarding GetBackLinkData.