Command status: Active
Supported by OpenApps API:

Yes with modifications - Limited data returned

Supported by Internal/Reseller API: Yes
Possibly queued processing: No


This command returns information on existing subscriptions with current resource usage values provided.

Resources consumed

As no actual analysis is caused by calling this command, this command uses no resources.


Parameter Description


Required: must be set to: GetSubscriptionInfo


Optional - defaults to historic
Either: "fresh" - to query against Fresh Index, or "historic" - to query against Historic Index.

Sample queries and response

Requesting XML

XML response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Result Code="OK" ErrorMessage="" FullError="">
<GlobalVars AnalysisDepth="30000" ExplorerBacklinksShown="30000" GetHostedDomainsAnalysisResUnitsCost="5000" GetRefDomainInfoAnalysisResUnitsCost="1000" GetTopPagesAnalysisResUnitsCost="5000" IndexBuildDate="2017-09-04 13:42:54" IndexType="0" MaxAnalyseIndexItemBatchCount="10" MaxBulkBacklinksCheck="400" MaxGetIndexInfoBatchCount="100" MaxGetTopBackLinksAnalysisResUnitsCost="5000" MinGetLinkedDomainsAnalysisResUnitsCost="1000" MinGetTopBackLinksAnalysisResUnitsCost="5000" ServerBuild="2017-10-13 13:57:22" ServerName="HUMMERR" ServerVersion="1.0.6495.23321" StandardReportBacklinksShown="20000" SubscriptionIsActive="1" TotalAnalysisResUnits="97095051" TotalDetailedReportsPerPeriodRemaining="1010" TotalIndexItemInfoResUnits="504986" TotalRetrievalResUnits="19462891" UniqueIndexID="20170904134254-HISTORICAL" />
<DataTables Count="5">
<DataTable Name="Subscriptions" RowsCount="2" Headers="Starts|Expires|IndexItemInfoResUnits|RetrievalResUnits|AnalysisResUnits|AdvancedReportsRemaining|StandardReportsRemaining|StandardReportBacklinksShown|DetailedReportsPerPeriodRemaining">
<Row>2017-09-25 15:06:27|2017-10-25 15:05:40|499986|19262891|96095051|950|950|20000|950</Row>
<Row>2017-10-13 12:17:04|2017-11-13 12:16:58|5000|200000|1000000|60|60|7500|60</Row>
<DataTable Name="SiteExplorerInfo" RowsCount="0" Headers="" DomainsRemaining="280" DomainsUsed="0" Enabled="1" MaxBackLinks="30000" MaxDomains="280" MaxFairUseLinesReturned="10000" MaxFairUseTotalPageViews="100" RefreshDate="2017-10-17 18:00:38" ResultsRestricted="3" TimeTillRefresh="1 hour" TimeTillRefresh24H="01:00" />
<DataTable Name="CustomerSubscriptionSummary" RowsCount="0" Headers="" APIAccess="1" CustomerSubscriptions="1" DeveloperAPIAccess="1" SiteExplorerAvailable="1" ThirdPartyAPIAccess="1" />
<DataTable Name="SubscriptionPlans" RowsCount="3" Headers="CustomerID|SubscriptionID|Created|Active|Status|Code|Title|SubscriptionStockcodeID|ExpirationDate|MaxPeriods">
<Row>895472|61975|25/09/2017 15:06:27|1|1|SUB_MAJESTIC_250|Majestic Platinum|10| |0</Row>
<Row>895472|61750|13/09/2017 11:17:54|1|2|MAJESTIC_LITE_2016|Majestic Lite|336| |0</Row>
<Row>895472|61720|12/09/2017 10:19:33|0|3|MAJESTIC_PRO_2016|Majestic Pro|337|12/10/2017 11:16:36|1</Row>
<DataTable Name="IndexInfo" RowsCount="1" Headers="Name|IndexBuildDate|UniqueCrawledPages|UniqueIndexedURLs|FirstBackLinkDate|MostRecentBackLinkDate|RecentBackLinksFromDate">
<Row>historical|2017-09-04 13:42:54|1354587484632|6513834312534|2011-12-26|2017-07-27|2017-03-29</Row>

JSON response

  "Code": "OK",
  "ErrorMessage": "",
  "FullError": "",
  "AnalysisDepth": 30000,
  "ExplorerBacklinksShown": 30000,
  "GetHostedDomainsAnalysisResUnitsCost": 5000,
  "GetRefDomainInfoAnalysisResUnitsCost": 1000,
  "GetTopPagesAnalysisResUnitsCost": 5000,
  "IndexBuildDate": "2017-09-04 13:42:54",
  "IndexType": 0,
  "MaxAnalyseIndexItemBatchCount": 10,
  "MaxBulkBacklinksCheck": 400,
  "MaxGetIndexInfoBatchCount": 100,
  "MaxGetTopBackLinksAnalysisResUnitsCost": 5000,
  "MinGetLinkedDomainsAnalysisResUnitsCost": 1000,
  "MinGetTopBackLinksAnalysisResUnitsCost": 5000,
  "ServerBuild": "2017-10-13 13:57:22",
  "ServerName": "SHADOJAGUAR",
  "ServerVersion": "1.0.6495.23321",
  "StandardReportBacklinksShown": 20000,
  "SubscriptionIsActive": 1,
  "TotalAnalysisResUnits": 97094051,
  "TotalDetailedReportsPerPeriodRemaining": 1010,
  "TotalIndexItemInfoResUnits": 504986,
  "TotalRetrievalResUnits": 19462890,
  "UniqueIndexID": "20170904134254-HISTORICAL",
  "DataTables": {
    "Subscriptions": {
      "Headers": {},
      "Data": [
          "Starts": "2017-09-25 15:06:27",
          "Expires": "2017-10-25 15:05:40",
          "IndexItemInfoResUnits": 499986,
          "RetrievalResUnits": 19262890,
          "AnalysisResUnits": 96094051,
          "AdvancedReportsRemaining": 950,
          "StandardReportsRemaining": 950,
          "StandardReportBacklinksShown": 20000,
          "DetailedReportsPerPeriodRemaining": 950
          "Starts": "2017-10-13 12:17:04",
          "Expires": "2017-11-13 12:16:58",
          "IndexItemInfoResUnits": 5000,
          "RetrievalResUnits": 200000,
          "AnalysisResUnits": 1000000,
          "AdvancedReportsRemaining": 60,
          "StandardReportsRemaining": 60,
          "StandardReportBacklinksShown": 7500,
          "DetailedReportsPerPeriodRemaining": 60
    "SiteExplorerInfo": {
      "Headers": {
        "DomainsRemaining": 280,
        "DomainsUsed": 0,
        "Enabled": "1",
        "MaxBackLinks": 30000,
        "MaxDomains": 280,
        "MaxFairUseLinesReturned": 10000,
        "MaxFairUseTotalPageViews": 100,
        "RefreshDate": "2017-10-17 18:01:25",
        "ResultsRestricted": 3,
        "TimeTillRefresh": "1 hour",
        "TimeTillRefresh24H": "01:00"
      "Data": []
    "CustomerSubscriptionSummary": {
      "Headers": {
        "APIAccess": 1,
        "CustomerSubscriptions": 1,
        "DeveloperAPIAccess": 1,
        "SiteExplorerAvailable": 1,
        "ThirdPartyAPIAccess": 1
      "Data": []
    "SubscriptionPlans": {
      "Headers": {},
      "Data": [
          "CustomerID": 895472,
          "SubscriptionID": 61975,
          "Created": "25/09/2017 15:06:27",
          "Active": 1,
          "Status": 1,
          "Code": "SUB_MAJESTIC_250",
          "Title": "Majestic Platinum",
          "SubscriptionStockcodeID": 10,
          "ExpirationDate": "",
          "MaxPeriods": 0
          "CustomerID": 895472,
          "SubscriptionID": 61750,
          "Created": "13/09/2017 11:17:54",
          "Active": 1,
          "Status": 2,
          "Code": "MAJESTIC_LITE_2016",
          "Title": "Majestic Lite",
          "SubscriptionStockcodeID": 336,
          "ExpirationDate": "",
          "MaxPeriods": 0
          "CustomerID": 895472,
          "SubscriptionID": 61720,
          "Created": "12/09/2017 10:19:33",
          "Active": 0,
          "Status": 3,
          "Code": "MAJESTIC_PRO_2016",
          "Title": "Majestic Pro",
          "SubscriptionStockcodeID": 337,
          "ExpirationDate": "12/10/2017 11:16:36",
          "MaxPeriods": 1
    "IndexInfo": {
      "Headers": {},
      "Data": [
          "Name": "historical",
          "IndexBuildDate": "2017-09-04 13:42:54",
          "UniqueCrawledPages": 1354587484632,
          "UniqueIndexedURLs": 6513834312534,
          "FirstBackLinkDate": "2011-12-26",
          "MostRecentBackLinkDate": "2017-07-27",
          "RecentBackLinksFromDate": "2017-03-29"

Returned values

Returned value Description
Global variables
Code Code indicating if this command executed successfully.
ErrorMessage A message explaining the error. This will be blank if the code is "OK".
FullError Verbose explanation of error.
AnalysisDepth Number of backlinks to search for.
ExplorerBacklinksShown Number of backlinks shown after using the site explorer tool.
GetHostedDomainsAnalysisResUnitsCost Cost in Analysis units to call GetHostedDomains command.
GetRefDomainInfoAnalysisResUnitsCost Cost in Analysis units to call GetRefDomainInfo.
GetTopPagesAnalysisResUnitsCost Cost in Analysis units to call GetTopPages.
IndexBuildDate Date/time the index that was queried was last updated.
MaxAnalyseIndexItemBatchCount Maximum number of items that can be in a batch call to create a report (such as
MaxBulkBacklinksCheck Maximum number of items that can be in a backlink check.
MaxGetIndexInfoBatchCount Maximum number of items that can be in a call to GetIndexInfo.


Maximum number of Analysis Units used to analyse each item with GetTopBackLinks command.


Maximum number of Analysis Units used to analyse each item with GetTopBackLinks command.

IndexType Indicates if the index was Historic (0) or Fresh (1).
ServerBuild Date/time the server was built.
ServerName Name of the server queried.
ServerVersion Version of the server queried.
StandardReportBacklinksShown Maximum number of backlinks shown in a standard report.
SubscriptionIsActive Boolean indicating if this user has at least one active subscription.
TotalAnalysisResUnits Number of Analysis units remaining.
TotalDetailedReportsPerPeriodRemaining Number of detailed reports per period remaining.
TotalIndexItemInfoResUnits Number of IndexItemInfo units remaining.
TotalRetrievalResUnits Number of retrievalresunits remaining.
UniqueIndexID Unique identifier for the index consisting of the date and index type.
Subscriptions Data


Start date/time of this subscription.


Date/time for this subscription to expire.


Resource units that are used to lookup backlinks counts for URLs, subdomains and root domains.

Used by GetIndexItemInfo command.


Resource units used when backlinks are retrieved (returned).

Used by commands such as AnalyseIndexItem.


Resource units used in analysis of backlinks.

Used by commands such as AnalyseIndexItem.


Number of advanced reports that can be created in the front end or using commands such as GetTopBackLinks.


Number of standard reports that can be created in our web front end OR (for API requests) number of time GetTopBackLinks command can be called.


Maximum number of backlinks that can be returned by GetTopBackLinks command.


Number of detailed reports that can be created.

SiteExplorerInfo Header


Number of domains remaining to analyse using the site explorer tool.


Number of domains analysed using the site explorer tool.


Boolean indicating if this tool is disabled (0) or enabled (1) for this account.


Maximum number of backlinks that can be explored using this tool.


Maximum number of domains that can be explored using this tool.


Maximum uses of this tool before fair use is triggered.


Maximum amount of times the page can be viewed before fair use is triggered.


Date/time when fair usage resets.


Number of subscriptions limited to in results.


String listing time until fair usage is reset.


Time until fair usage is reset as a HH:MM string.

CustomerSubscriptionSummary Headers


Boolean indicating if this account has access to the API.


Boolean indicating if this account has a valid subscription.


Boolean indicating if this account has access to the developer API.


Boolean indicating if this account can use the Site Explorer tool.


Boolean indicating if this account has permission to allow third party API access

SubscriptionPlans Data


ID for the customer who owns this subscription.


ID for this subscription.


Date/time stamp for when this subscription was created.


Boolean indicating if this subscription is active.


Code indicating type of subscription.

  1. Active
  2. Cancelled, but still active
  3. Cancelled and not active


Verbose code indicating type of subscription.


String detailing subscription plan's title.


Internal ID used to keep track of subscriptions.


Date/time stamp for when this subscription expires. If this is blank, this subscription is set to never expire.


Maximum amounts of time a subscription can last for.

IndexInfo Data


Internal name of the index


Date when index was build (merged) - this is not to be confused with the most recent backlink date in the index which in all cases will be ealier than index build date. This date can be used to detect if index has been updated, but it is recommended to take MostRecentBackLinkDate date into account as well.


64-bit number of unique crawled pages in this index


64-bit number of unique indexed URLs (this includes number of unique crawled pages)


Date indicating when the most recent backlink was found in this index, format: YYYY-MM-DD.


Date of the last backlink in the current Fresh index.