This is an object representation of the response from the server. It is essentially an aggregate of DataTable instances and also contains a set of loosely-typed global vars. As each command returns a different response, both are accessed by name so please refer to the command reference documentation for details.

Checking whether the command executed successfully

The first thing to do with the response is check whether it executed successfully. This is done by calling the isOK method. If the command failed, this will return false - the response code is available by calling getCode and an error message should be available by calling getErrorMessage. See the API reference guide for assistance in diagnosing errors.

Accessing the global vars

This is done by calling the getParamForName method and passing the name as a method parameter.

Accessing DataTables

This is done by calling getTableForName method and passing the name of the required table as a method parameter. The method implements the Null Object pattern so will return an instance of DataTable even if the requested table does not exist.